Well, well, well! That is karmic retribution for portraying Trump as a bumbling fool! And that damn health-nut wifey and New Aged yoga crap to handle your anger management didn’t help you one bit. Huh.

Once a reptilian, always a reptilian. That is your true nature – anger, hatred. Y’all can’t really be human no matter what proaction y’all take. I still wonder if y’all have souls.

Oh, yeah! If the civil engineers are so smart, why can’t y’all find parking? And why is there gridlock and traffic that should flow more freely? I thought everything is advanced and taken cared off.

I guess not, as you are easily triggered for being privileged. But that’s a real toxic masculinity that cannot be taken away. You should probably try marital arts or boxing to use your energy better than that fruity healthy-nutty regime of meditation for girlies.

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