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The Devil exists as much today as he did in the past. He continues to seduce mankind into sin. The attitude of a disciple of Christ must be vigilant and strong in any confrontation with Satan. You can not be indifferent to his existence. It seems the mentality of people today is to relegate the […]

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20190125-1753. Off topic thoughts.

I read the entire article on the day published which was a few days ago. And so I’ll share my thoughts here. I believe we are really battling dominions and principalities – the hierarchy appears to exist all over.

And any prayers to help the humanz would be a relief. I didn’t know that humanz can make angelz cry. With that said, we should try to fight our own battles and take ownership of what we can best handle, and let God take care of rest.

I think that’s how we can shift reality – each soul must obey, meaning ‘listen’ to that INSTANTANEOUS one ‘thought’ – the quiet soft one in REPLY to YOUR thought at THAT moment.

For the nagging harsh tones, those probably deserve urgent consideration anyway, as with the prayer of the human and the slow response time of the angel.

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