The border isn’t secured! Oh, hilarious! Welcome to Mexico. See? Former POTUS BHO, Nancy, and Chucky mentioned some sort of wall. Why didn’t y’all listen to their narrative during the BHO administration?

Yeah, Border Chief of former POTUS BHO wanted whatever y’all wanna call it.

Yeah, Matt Schlapp, Chair, ACU wanted whatever y’all wanna call it.

Yeah, what all of them? Aren’t they already “dead”? Y’all can sentence them for the record right now, this instance, not a moment too soon; so y’all can move forward with other narratives.

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  1. Dontald J. Trump is referring to the POTUS in the third person. Instead of saying “(“, he says POTUS. Maybe that’s some kind of code, since he posts in code.


    • Instead of saying “I”, was meant to be posted instead of “(“.


      • Great, y’all must have picked up my random or stray thoughts about the word usage “I” in the third person. But when I slowed down my excitement, I saw that there were quotation marks around the areas where I made multiple edits, thinking he was talking allegedly in “codes”, which he wasn’t, but quoting what the two officials had already stated in the past. Y’all need to slow down, too, okay? That would help others and me. Thanks for commenting, DADDJ!


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