The Left Sees Racism EVERYWHERE: Cotton Fields, Monkeys, and McDonald’s, Jon Miller, Published on Jan 22, 2019

So while I watching this recent YouTube video, that was the time that my daddy shared a hilarious drama which transpired between a old whitish woman and a dark-skinned Filipino guy.

I believe everything is racist. Everything from animated to inanimate objects will be racist – a red ReptiliCon cap versus a blue DemonCrap cap; a white cassock versus a pink cassock.

Once again, in this flipped over alternate reality, for example, I can say something about others and my immediate surroundings when in the spiritual world – I am actually persecuting my own disagreements, which are known as personal discriminations.

Without the internet and social media outlet of these small-time bloggers, I and others would NOT be aware or at least enlightened to this flipped over alternate reality – that anything is possible.

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