Dear diary,

Das Squirrel is still ungrateful and likes to blame others for what he values when he failed to help his own mommy. So no matter what he says or does to me, I don’t care. He will have to live his past mistakes. And there is nothing I can do to change who he is and why he chose to disobey.

I already complained about him and his Twit Wifey to the relatives and they didn’t know both of them disobeyed. And although I try to put up his accomplishments and positive qualities, the bitter pill of why he gives everyone a difficult time with their do or die attitudes will never leave.

I’m not happy that he uses what he wants to join us. He never did want to go near us or talk to us or do anything with us unless he is in the mood or has the time or care in the world. He only bothers us when he wants something.

So a few minutes ago, he wanted an old camera. Then he blames me. And then I found it and now he acts all sweet like nothing happens. To me his Twit Wife is correct – that he is capable of manipulative us. He even wants to see us at church tomorrow. That won’t help because he is a proclaimed atheists, a suicidal one like his paternal cousin who married his fifth wife, a Chinese, if y’all wanna know.

And those are the personalities that have crossed my path. These won’t leave me alone and won’t go away do their own things. I’m not interested in interacting with these fools. They won’t shut-up.

As for yesterday’s temp gig from hell, an African guy with a Muslim first name or Moe for short wouldn’t stop stalking me while I was de-installing computers and phones. So I got loud (sort of) and told him to back off. I didn’t care if the other quiet co-workers heard. A couple of crazy old fucks wouldn’t leave me alone, too.

So fuck off! That’s another reason why I never did like working or hanging around my own Filipino kinds, the same sentiments expressed by a Filipino sacrosanct who left our local parish because of a power freak who made a big deal over the word “ma’am”.


Flynn B doesn’t care if y’all burn in Sheol. After yesterday’s mass, my daddy invited the old fart to lunch, which is the closest diner near our local church. So yeah we know stuff about him and he knows stuff about us. Bunch of crazy fools everywhere fighting or simply bickering with each other. I’m sick of it.

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