Anonymous. Update Jan 26, 2019. Moloch LIVES in America. A Warning From The Collective, Anonymous, Premiered 59 minutes ago

Well, well, well! Which is worse: human sacrifices or your WITCH HUNT? If y’all cannot stop human sacrifices, I highly doubt y’all can stop your WITCH HUNT. I’d hate to compare humanz and witchez but I’m wondering how y’all can prioritize stuff that infringes upon the rights to Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

I guess that’s karmic retribution for YOU not entirely revealing the ‘real’ Truth behind the 9/11 debacle; for turning outmoded stories from various time-traveling realities of Jeru-Salem as a capital of Israel; of trumpets sounding the end of presidency and the whole world; and of whatever pro or con groups pitted against our own.

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