Dear diary,

Now I am realizing why stuff cannot be done – no one wants a BAD grade or mark on their spiritual report card!

After yesterday’s noontime mass and during lunchtime at Denny’s with an old Filipino parishioner afterwards, I learned why our local priest doesn’t get too involved with the affairs of others.

He could NOT handle a disruptive parishioner without some sort of legal and binding paperwork . So to the Courts and the Lawd Gawd, we are thankful!

However, the price for that small peace of mind has cost us by the thousands of dollars! And in retrospect, our local church and any enabler who tolerated a parishioner owe my family and me an apology – big time.

With that said, I thank the Sons of God for helping with prayers. I do NOT know how to repay what y’all really should repay unto my family et moi for helping. Yes, this has been a convoluted reality, one in which I cannot fully ‘grok’.

So that is what I meant when I chatted via a Live Streaming event on YouTube – that we should have faith in the intel community and smart ones, who probably still need our input for their decision makings.

Actually, I take that back – everyone is on the same boat. In effect, we as a one group – called humanz – allowed and enabled others to pass stuff. And so with regards to the abortion, that was allowed because certain humanz needed it. My words fail unto moi. Each soul can choose one path over the other and is solely responsible. Then again, we’re still on the same boat.

Yeah, and though I rant, I’d like to share a recent email received from Herr Maestro. He is symbolically placing rehearsals on the 11 and 22. He might know stuff too! All hail to the disruptive alternate reality writers – Lucy and/or Stan – only with the expressed permission and blood covenant of Jesus Christ!



Flynn B who wonders if blogging if worth my time. Yes, after all those years wasted, this was the only outlet that kept me stable enough to keep my silence while under and unemployed, until allowed to make noise again.

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