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Dream 1 This dream was inspired by my brother GC and I finishing the anime television show Overlord (Season 1) yesterday. The dream involved something related to Overlord, but that is all that I can remember of this dream. Dream 2 This dream possibly involved my parents and traveling, I am not sure if my […]

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20190126-2014-off topic rant only.

Regarding your Dream number four.

Two weeks ago before submitting my designs for our Feng Shui Asian compliant family memorial, I was researching the different emblems for our governmental agencies and I love the colors and designs.

Anyway, one cannot be too careful who is allowed to publish anything online or if we should care to wonder if the author could be a ghost writer or government agent.

But I’d like (to warn) any author or writer to be VERY careful with disinformation. Because certain persons and groups of persons (especially college students) can get hurt and can harm other persons and groups of persons.

That is why I would encourage y’all to take more time getting a real job, getting along with your family, and getting off any electronic devices, if possible.

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