Dear diary,

I wonder why rDT, the WH, and his Jewish pals are emphasizing stuff that most of us do NOT remember. We don’t care about your memorials to these humanz because that is NOT part of our culture, heritage, or narratives

What about the aborted fetuses and babies?

What about the countless Christians that were sacrificed under Jewish regimes and are still being killed for giggles within Muslim nations?

Where’s your damn fairness and justice for tribes and nations killed and murdered by Jews globally?

Whose side(s) do y’all REALLY represent?

Inquiring humanized minds would like to know the Truth.

In other words, by memorializing this stuff, y’all are making the other WHITISH side of that history look bad and that’s NOT a good propaganda!


Flynn B wondering why y’all are pro-them and not pro-others. I’m sniffing y’all out and I expect fragrant flowers, NOT formaldehyde memories.

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