Steve Says: Advice to President Trump, Fox News, Published on Jan 27, 2019

Steve’s Advice to President Trump (Going Big On Immigration):

  • Demand $25 billion for border security; call it “border infrastructure”
  • Include an E-verify system to stop employers from hiring illegal immigrants
  • Offer concessions like protection for dreamers

Yeah, do whatever Steve Says. But y’all might include what Flynn Says below:

  • Make Mexico pay for your border infrastructure.
  • Include finger printings for the opportunity to vote and DNA samples for ancestry priority, err, pride.
  • Make them get vaccines and pay taxes or else they will get deported.

Ooo. I believe these collaborative efforts might pay-off in the long-run. I can see no other way. Brouhaha! Good luck, chumps!

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  1. “Include an E-verify system to stop employers from hiring illegal immigrants”

    Yup, like I said a week or so ago, do not let THEM build on the wall, because they could and would purposely compromise it for later on.


    NO VACCINES for ANYONE. There is already a LOT of karma to pay back for this vaccine disaster. While these immigrants and other foreigners may or may not be our enemies, we are supposed to pray for our enemies. And vaccines DO NOT work anyway and are evil. There’s enough evidence on my blog to more than prove that. Enemies or not, I will never suggest a vaccine of any kind for any of them. God does not condone vaccines, and never will.

    The best policy is to keep them out period. Even getting in legally is still messing us all up, as there are homeless vets and families on the streets and in dangerous shelters.

    So, our own first, then we can worry about every one else. Their own countries should be helping them. They are their own countries’ problem. Our country has more enough problems without them. First we have to MAGA, before we can MEGA.

    The Deep State has to go. There was already 3 that I know of who has exited the Earth in 2018. Two bushes and a mac cain..


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