REPORT: Hillary Has Considered Another Run For The White House As Recent As “This Week”, LATEST NEWS, Published on Jan 27, 2019

I know, I know, I know!

My nagging thoughts about HRC being the first transgender, err, female, president has been an alternate reality.

This is per the televised cartoon series called “The Simpson” where Homer Simpson’s daughter Maggie was portrayed as Madam President.

HRC already lost twice. I think y’all better install her for giggles. But I do NOT know how the staff can handle her demonic stench. Go figure that out first.

Also my daddy and I noticed that rDT sounds like he is outta breath. So maybe he needs to rest. After all, he is already wealthy.

And if she is already in Sheol and if the body double can pull off this stunt, I’d like to see how it will last before short-circuiting again.


Anyone but that Kamala Harris and her lip service canker wounds! Eww!

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  1. Yeah, the real one is dead, and they need to let her stay dead and let the body doubles go and get real meaningful jobs. I wonder if Trumpy Cat even knows the real one is gone? He has to know. And if he does, then he needs to let everyone know that she is gone and that problem will just disappear.


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