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I have been viewing YouTube videos for the past few hours about Drumpf and Klans. I am now believing that HRC is probably correct about his stuff as she too is one of them. So the scary part is that there are multiple gangs playing the fall and bad guys, when in fact they are the same guys!

Oops. My original thought was adding to the YouTube blogger’s stuff – that Drumpf is trying to do good stuff to off-set the bad stuff of his daddy! And I am NOT gonna pass judgement upon this newfound stuff. But I have been wondering why stuff seems to move slowly. And that answer is because these gangs want it that way!

Drumpf is correct – no one changes. Each soul comes into this world, looks into the mirror, and sees the same person, except maybe a few wrinkles, some gray hairs, but basically, their minds are made up.

Once a Mason, always a Mason. And as I mentioned in my OLD blogs, I’ve encountered one group – high level. I’ve encountered a second group – high level also. I’ve encountered a third group – high level. Welp, I’m doomed. The end. Blah!

Anyway, my education has been strange and weird. I continue to learn stuff and I still do NOT know what to think. I’d like to think we are all doing good. Then again, that goodness can be self-serving to one or more groups. Ahh!

Oops. Sorry. I had to let out a silent scream. The YouTube video is still going on. I’ve learned about Tesla, war profiteering, Marxism, [Q] stuff, numbskulls full of mush (a la El Rushbeau), Dewey decimal system, etc.

20190127-2336. I forgot to add that the YouTube blogger started his video with: “Insane people are charitable.” See? That would explain my behavior. My mommy is correct – she created a monster. I am so sorry. I did NOT know any better then and now.

OMG! So I’m still learning about non-members. The power of silence and conscious guilt. Obedience to the state and turning one self into the whole community. So basically our educational system is being controlled to a sinister end. Hmm.

And so social media, mainstream media, and yes YouTube and other tech companies are trying to infiltrate our critical thinking. America is one HUGE psychological operation. Both the left paw and right paw share the same stuff. Interesting.

So if this is the Truth, then I found this educational stuff quite hilarious, because there is nothing new under the sun. Sigh.


Flynn B pissed off that this stuff is shoved down our throats. Heh.

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