If y’all will notice, NOT only the date-time stamp, but stuff is being presented unto moi in living time more frequently. ET phone home and pals have been communicating unto moi more frequently. For the past few hours, the messages are pushing forthwith – stacking upon each other in layers upon layers.

In this latest news article, I can see the Biblical ‘predictive programming’ coming into fruition – not only America’s southern borders of steel walls upon clay earth but also with Russia’s military equipment of metal suit and clay man mixing together.

Alas, with my personal experiences with materializations of matter, metal can fall apart or dematerialize and merge or phase through with the clay man, or simply the integration of man and machine.

However, I wonder if the metallic feet parts of this Russian military suit won’t sink into the mud. Y’all probably need to make the shoes wider like snow shoes for bumpier, softer and wetter terrains. Duh.

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