The Truth About MSG and Your Health, SciShow, Published on Jan 28, 2019

Off-topic rant only:

Honestly, my family and I have eaten this stuff during our growing years. And I do NOT readily taste MSG and have survived the effects of MSG. The point is NOT to consume any one product too FREQUENTLY in any one meal.

I lean more towards scientifically-sound research. And yes I STILL eat food containing MSG, especially fast-food – stuff that we would order and take-out, including left-overs.

Once again, and per this morning’s thought, I rationalized the same concept: do NOT ingest over-the-counter remedies, vitamins and mineral supplements TOO frequently and NO MORE than per the Instructions on the label of the bottles or product packaging.

One’s body needs to acclimate or get used to the new products. So I would listen to the body and the feelings which might or might NOT be associated to taking in the new product.

For example, Das Squirrel is paranoid, which is in my paternal DNA makeup unfortunately. Yup. Anyway, he avoids bananas, apples, and whatever else that might scare him. He might as well live on breathing air, absorbing sunshine, and drinking water exclusively.

But I digress, we are all different like my daddy, who pissed me off by telling me: I do not care about you. I retorted to him: You don’t care about Junior either.

I sent several text message to Junior who understood the situation as he decided to be opposite of his daddy, who was adopted by his paternal grandmother and abused by his daddy. A vicious cycle of emotional abuse which passed onto his two childless children, now grown into bitter souls to the very end.

That old man isn’t independent enough and panicked about starving tonight that he wanted me to cook his damn chicken. Why can’t he learn to eat out on his own and cook his own simple meal! He failed to cook and feed his own deceased wife and both his children are bitter against his stupidity for being inept.

His siblings thinks he is a good boy. He is like all his siblings – dependent vampires on their spouses and anyone else who gives a damn. And so that’s why I’m bitter – I’m stuck with this responsibility of caring for an elderly folk who only cared about the choir robe being too wide in the neck. Idiot.

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