BREAKING: NOOOO! Clintons Show Up In the LAST PLACE You’d Expect Them, Suddenly 2020 Whispers Begin, The Next News Network, Published on Jan 28, 2019

Off topic rant only:

OMG! Although the video footage is VERY blurry, I can see via my spidery senses that woman is NOT the original HRC! That is a body-double because the facial mask isn’t solid against the skull especially along the cheeks and eye sockets and her hand gestures are incorrect! The voice acting sounds similar, though.

I need a close-up zoom and and a medium zoom away from the subject and then I can scan if that woman is the original HRC. According to a ‘high level’ blogger, the original HRC has already been received into Sheol. So I do NOT know if the successive humanized clones can pull off this stunt.

End rant.

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