Once again, if y’all know my YouTube channel, then y’all can view my interests, because I did NOT check the following boxes to my YouTube settings:

  • Keep all my liked videos private
  • Keep all my saved playlists private
  • Keep all my subscriptions private

Unfortunately, I have a VERY bad habit of: Clear All Watch History; Clear Search History; and deleting my Likes. So I have no way of going back to remember which videos I once liked or viewed.

So one of my recent subscription includes a New Aged guy sharing stuff about fallen angels, karma, and other stuff that fails to remind us that the blood covenant of Jesus Christ saved humanity from Sheol or something to the effect that original sins in the blood and plasma have been washed away.

Anyway, I liked the OLD video about how God created Pure stuff and Lucy and/or Stan wanted to exist temporarily away from God’s Pure stuff. And so the guy with a thick German accent would narrate and draw pictures of how each soul who followed Lucy and/or Stan can “make a turn back” home to God’s Pure stuff anytime. “Great!”

Basically, God’s Pure stuff is wholly encompassing of love. That’s all.

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