Male Cheerleaders will make history at Super Bowl LIII, RT America, Published on Jan 29, 2019

I do NOT see any problem with male cheerleaders. For those males who love sports, especially football, and who couldn’t “make the cut” with the rest of the main players, this would be a good opportunity for those professional male dancers, acrobatics, gymnastics, martial artists, and performing artists to join in the fun.

As long as they do NOT wear dresses belonging to females and/or wear hair, makeup or nails, belonging to demons, these males can perform the functions as cheerleaders.

But I refuse for females to play obviously male-oriented sports because of the physical aggressions apparent in the DNA makeup.

Once again, there must be NO transgenders, queers, faggots, or whatever in rooms designated for each of the two current genders – male or female. As Diamond and Silk have expressed, I guess only those who have fully transitioned over into the assigned gender can they go into the designated rooms.

But my spider senses indicated that this is NOT correct – transgenders cannot be allowed in rooms for designated gender as assigned at birth. Then again, if artificial intelligence were punished into the incorrect gender, that’s THEIR personal hell and certainly NOT our problem.

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  1. The male cheerleaders in the Movie called Bring it On, were nice, although there was one gay cheerleader, but the rest of them were portrayed as being straight. I actually enjoyed the movie.


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