Dear diary,

Per my exposure to a sovereign citizen movement (which was prolly created by a bunch of blackish Masonic folks), I believe that the USA is a Federal Corporation.

So that’s why America and its whitish malez are cluster-frucked by the flipping, opposing, or reversing of what was supposed to have been a secular nation with nature-oriented values, I guess.

I don’t know exactly why this nagging thought has appeared into my small mind for the past few days. But I believe that was why I’ve encountered four to five separate incidences with blackish spooks, which is NOT very frequent.

1. I was in college. One day my mommy braided my hair into vertical corn rows. I wore my hairstyle to class one day. Suddenly a bunch of blackish females approached me and smiled. They touched my hair and asked me: Who did that to your hair? I replied: My mom. I quickly left because I don’t like socializing with strangers.

2. I was in college. After that corn row hairstyle incident, a blackish guy by the name of Obery S***h decided to hang out with me for no apparent reason. I assumed that he was a student at that college.

3. I was shopping a mall and noticed a blackish store worker was looking in my general direction and smiled for whatever reason. As I passed by her, she said aloud: “We have come a long way.”

This was a time after high school graduation and my maternal cousin was dating a blackish guy. Her daddy didn’t like blackish folks. So she naturally got hurt feelings because her daddy disowned her. She introduced me to a blackish guy with an interest in photography. During her high school dance, he wanted to take my photo but I didn’t want it and he left, though he gave me a bunch of roses.

4. I was online. And I complained about what happened to be many slong years ago. I also was thinking about Wikileaks and whatever was happening to JA, who was suddenly ‘captured’. This was a signal unto moi that I should NOT pursue that path because within hours of posting that weblog, a blackish spooks in a HUGE (actually a whitish) SUV came outta nowhere, but made a U-turn back towards the railroad tracks.

5. I was online. And this time I complained about chemtrails being sprayed upon God’s firmament and that I was using my imaginary wipers to get the dome all nice and shiny. Then the following day, blackish spooks visited the house. He was selling household cleaning chemicals, which I ordered. He specifically mentioned the word “wipers” or “wiping”.

So for those spooks who know what I’m talking about, I didn’t intentionally use the word “y’all” in my weblog for nothing or subscribe to certain bloggers for nothing either. Y’all know who y’all are.

Get with the program losers! I’m NOT taking your sides or any sides. In the meantime, I’m sitting on the sideline, and NOT on any sharpened fencing or border, until I figure out if your group is worthy.


Flynn B emphasizes that y’all are still smelly and that will NEVER change my mind. Nope. Stay away. I mean it. Be gone!

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  1. 20190129-1914. I forgot to add that those who are paid members are the ones who help run this Federal Corporation. Notice that I did NOT use the word CONTROL, such as Patriots in the United States Senate, for example, but the word help. This group operates like investors, who have a share in whatever stakes. Yup. Do NOT doubt unto moi, period.


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