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This blog is about my opinions on health care for all. Below is a list of my thoughts: Everyone is gonna die. Dying humanz are kept comfortable via opioids, etc. Euthanasia is an alternative to end human and animal suffering…. Read More ›


This blog is about my thoughts on on late-term abortions and euthanizing in general. I think that the quality of life needs to be considered above all especially when: the bio-units of both humanz and animalz are damaged beyond repair;… Read More ›


This blog is a personal rant about inclusive restrooms and groups in general. The adjective word inclusive means “not excluding any particular groups of people”. This word, inclusive, sounds like a psychological operation to “reverse exclusive” groups, which brings to my… Read More ›


This blog is about my discoveries on post titles of personal blogs. First, I am using the WordPress desktop app for macOS and I noticed that the post title field is limited, though the header test appears HUGE. So I… Read More ›


This blog is about my opinions on those planning to run for president in the upcoming 2020 election. What are the qualities that I would like in any presidential candidate? Good-looking, not creepy, well-groomed, well-dressed, always professional. Entertaining, educational, knows… Read More ›