This is my personal rant on smaller blog views. Viewer discretion is advised.

Dear diary,

I am happy that my weblog is no longer being viewed. Per my blog stats, only less than a handful got views. The current blog stat view is one and it was alleged from France. So I do NOT know if the upgrade messed up the stats, if setting my blog to Private mode gave false readings, or if I told y’all to fruck off and the algorithms knocked me off the pedastal. I’ve already been knocked off TWICE bigly and in series of smaller quakes; so I am NOT surprised if I self-destruct my own blog, because blogging is NOT the same, and I am bored ranting about the same stuff.

So after yesterday’s whole day gig of walking around doing auditing for the last eight hours and four hours deinstalling in the beginning, I was exhausted but NOT too tired to join the volunteer gig and refuse to participate LOUDLY upon which the swollen,  gout-filled bitch called my name and I fumed openly. But at least I had a straight sleep at night for the first time in five months since my mommy decided to continually visit us unannounced.

I could sense her presence or other presence but I do NOT have the sight of exactly knowing who or what is that energy signature. Das Squirrel shared a LIVE photo snapshot of an alleged presence inside his house. This incident probably occurred on or around the same time or night that the presence touched my hair twice. But I am usually touching my itchy, flaky, dirty scalp every night. But that night I guess that was my mommy.

As for politics, the DemonCrap party is messed up. The ReptiliCon party is messed up. Maybe an independent party such as Librarians, err, LibTardians, err, Libertarians, or simply known as the Patriots might be able to help kick start the world of politics; because Trump is by far more presentable and entertaining.

In the world of politics, we expect good character with good moral judgment and common sense. The biological unit by default should be good-looking. As per the articulate guy Styxhexenahammer666, Booker for 2020 won’t be a good choice because of his wonky eyes, which are similar to that Sanders, the 77 years old Socialist, err, the WH Press Secretary.

Oh, I know. Instead of blogging as I had originally done way back, I might resort back to bullet points to help TPTB and pals. My bad!

  • Your Honor, I beg the Courts for mercy.
  • Please forgive me Father for I have sinned.

See? That is easier for those creating narratives! Going forward, starting this February 2019, I will insert my bulleted items and then follow up with my rants, which is probably NOT healthy or conducive to the generally censored population of children, who need to learn how to be more behaved than Evil Kitty.


Flynn B going to use the toilet and unload my crap. Amen!



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