This blog is about my discoveries on post titles of personal blogs.

First, I am using the WordPress desktop app for macOS and I noticed that the post title field is limited, though the header test appears HUGE. So I want to keep my post title ‘short and sweet’

Second, in an attempt to CLEARLY describe the contents of my weblog post, I must ensure that the post titles contain keywords – at least two to three PRECISE words. This is to assist the search engines index stuff faster and easier.

Third, the length of the post title should be only within ONE line and should NOT “wrap-around” to the next line, though this won’t work if the screen laptop size, for example, is small.

My goal is to garner some blog views because I’ve only received two views today! That means I should either STOP ranting indiscriminately or upgrade my weblog to include the SEO stuff.

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