This blog is about my thoughts on on late-term abortions and euthanizing in general.

I think that the quality of life needs to be considered above all especially when:

  • the bio-units of both humanz and animalz are damaged beyond repair;
  • the fetuses are undocumented, unnamed, and/or unwanted; and/or
  • both the fetuses and/or mothers are in danger of dying.

Although I am supposed to be a Catholic and I do NOT believe we could choose between life and death. I believe God is the only one who can decide who gets to live and die.

But since we have the technology to KILL and save lives, we should choose the lesser or two evils – which is the right to live ONLY if the quality of life is good. So any fetus that is viable deserves the right to live.

Technically, killing each other is a violation of the Americanized right to life, liberty, and happiness and of the Ten Commandments. But I’m sure ancient humanz have killed their owns and others.

I don’t care if y’all think killing is convenient. I only care if y’all have considered all options to keep the victim as comfortable as possible before deciding to end its life.

And I would wish y’all crack down and punish animal breeders for violating the animals’ right to life and to live humanely. I’ve seen how unwanted animalz can be loving souls.

I do NOT care if y’all used to belong to the KKK, wore a black face, or have committed many unpopular atrocities. I only care if y’all can be honestly apologetic, sincerely sorry, and truly repentant.

I believe that we deserve what we created – for better or for worse. Once again, historical past of bad stuff cannot predict one’s soul evolution. No one should be fired or condemn over one’s past. This is a test of humanity forgiveness level.

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