Dear diary,

I was about to retire to bed when I evil smelling fumes from the bio-unit upstairs would settle at the foot of the stairs

I mumbled unforgivable frustrations while brushing my teeth and afterwards I opened my window and then the front door to vent the sulphuric smell.

The vacuum of the outdoor air wanted to close the door, which I held slightly ajar so as not to allow the front door to fully open the early morning air.

Then I went back to my bedroom window and adjusted the curtains to allow whatever remnants of foul air escape into the mid morning air.

Then I decided to peep through the wooden blinds and noticed that the backyard was strangely illuminated to a soft whitish glow of bluish tiny.

My daddy unit reported earlier that the winds would be strong. I also would receive my daily weather report which indicated strong winds.

I was praising and thanking God for the unexplainable wonders. I tried to find out if the moon shine had gotten brighter or larger. But I didn’t have a window to see.

It’s 03:16 am and an old vehicle or whatever made unnecessary noise from the backyard direction. I better close the window which was only a cracked open a bit.

Oh, and a YouTube blogger shared General Michael FLYNN’s weblog page showing the header image – from dark to light.

So something is gonna happen. As I sensed and saw two blinkings a few minutes ago, two blinkings a few hours ago while blogging at my computer and many times in the past while coming into the five o’clock early morning hour – the shift change of angels.


Flynn B sharing stuff on phenom but no one seems to care.

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