ESCAPED FROM A FEMA BARGE !!! REAL HORROR STORY !, Tony Vann, 4 months ago (20190209-1231)

This YouTube appeared on my Recommended list and a FEMA prisoner escaped and was recaptured. He screamed about horror stories but the police silenced him.

So this coming February fifteenth would probably be a good event to announce an emergency. I’d hate to say it; but y’all gonna have to round up these criminals and send them off to Gitmo. Our local airfield bases has a FEMA; so our area is covered. This is the only humanitarian option that I can predict, because America is already infiltrated.

If y’all gonna round ALL of us up, then y’all can keep track unto moi in case I happen to “disappear”, err, earn my alleged freedom from this current reality; because I still might have an active alien implant.

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