Key & Peele – East/West College Bowl, Comedy Central, 6 years ago (20190209-1230)

20190202-0931. Hilarious lineup of mostly blackish humans who happen to attend colleges. Only one whitish guy is listed as a player and he attends BYU, meaning that place is exclusive. (Quattro Quattro SJSU)


20190202-0938. Once again, only one whitish human appeared lastly in the lineup of mostly blackish thug who would normally be unlikely to attend colleges had they NOT signed up with football or sport-related scholarships.

So I’m wondering if this typical for Americans to give job opportunities in football or any sports strictly based of levels of melanin. I can’t wait to see the lineup for tomorrow’s NFL Super Bowl LIII between New York Patriots and Los Angles Rams.

Here are the following two symbolic stuffs:

  • Humans (fighting against deep state) or
  • Fallen angels (butting heads against HUGE wall).

I think y’all know the difference and the symbolic outcome this game; both spiritual and politically. Place your bets now!

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