Umm, please do NOT forget the shape-shifters, err, the animalz that are being bred, experimented, hunted, killed, poached, trafficked globally.

In an effort to deal with worldwide criminals against humanz and animalz, y’all need to block and kill, err, lock them up in FEMA, Gitmo, and other prisons.

This incoming thought is similar to my smartphone app which IDENTIFIES unwanted phones calls, which are either fraud or spam and are blocked.

Furthermore, I have used the Call Forwarding feature of our landline phone number to my smartphone, which has this app for blocking unwanted incoming phone calls.

Because I personally found out that I could NOT keep up with blocking the phone calls, I would expect rDT to announce some sort of emergency on or about 2/15/2019.

Y’all mentioned that a cost savings would be better if a wall can help the border agents instead of authorizing military forces to help.

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