With my weblog upgraded to “Business Plan“, which was fifty percent off for only one year, I am trying to increase the site traffic via my Dashboard. Below are the sample features:

  • Jetpack Search – “An improved search experience”
  • Search ending optimization – “All these are optimized for search engines”.
  • Page Title Structure – “This will change the way your site title is displayed in search engines, social media sites, and browser tabs.”
  • Website Meta – “Craft a description of your Website up to 160 characters that will be used in search engine results for your front page, and when you website is shared on social media sites.”
  • Related Posts – “Show related content after posts
  • Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) – “Improve the loading speed of your site on phones and tablets”. (I used the default colors of orange and blue. Sweet!)
  • “Google Analytics is a free service that complements the built-in stats.”
  • Sitemaps “is automatically sent to all major search engines for indexing”. (The weblog MUST be set to Public mode, NOT Private or Hidden.
  • Site Verification Services “is NOT necessary in order for your site to be indexed by search engines.”

Alas, my rant bit me back and so I am knocked off my proverbial pedestal. I guess no one cares what personal bloggers have to say online because there are tons more interesting content by probably paid professionals. Ahh!

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