After many hours of entering and then DELETING the same items entered into my contact address book online, I had an incoming thought about how no one can possibly jail bad actors!

This is correct! I had viewed a couple of YouTube videos lasting thirty minutes each; while updating and stream-lining redundant or duplicate or multiple entries of my contact address book items. Some items still include deceased contact information.

Anyway, this blog is about how we humanz really do NOT need governing entities to dictate or control how we outta live, strive and survive. As y’all can see, these bad actors are stumbling over their narratives, err, scripts, err, statements.

My words fail me again! I’m trying to say that the reasons that enforcement against criminals, most especially pedophiles those killers and murderers of our future batches of humanz, are NOT so obviously enforced is NOT so much the HUGE monies to escape jail time, but because these entities are BAD actors!

These bad actors are probably forced to teach humanz that free-willed soulz really do NOT need external feedbacks or criticisms or any laws to keep the good traits in check. I think the bad traits are androids and humanoids that are short-circuiting and that those victims who died by their presence and deeds (what is that word) an unfortunate something.


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