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General 2020 Election Pre-Game Analysis!, Styxhexenhammer666, Published on Jan 28, 2019 Liberty for y’all! Yeah, I’d like to see everyone rip each other apart, too. I believe rDJ was sorta kinda voted as POTU because no one else was formidable… Read More ›

20190203-2237-Blog See? I told y’all I knew which team was gonna win! I loved the two opening acts – two sopranos and Gladys Knight. My daddy napped halfway through the game. I took a nap, too. My daddy said that… Read More ›


This Chinese Live Music Performance is…Fake?, TwoSetViolin, 6 days ago (20190209-1227) See? Musicians can spot alleged fake musical performances. Their expertise happens to be violins. I learned the difference between open string and tremolo. The rest are difficult to spot…. Read More ›


Key & Peele – Georgina and Esther and Satan – Uncensored, Comedy Central, 4 years ago (20190209-1228) With my prayers, y’all can punish Lucy and/or Stan if they don’t let go of their family members from your clutches. Funny!