Yeah so after publishing my most recent blog, which is the blog before this one will be published, I immediately went to the blog stats and saw that maybe my assumptions were incorrect and that publishing my blog didn’t automatically trigger a blog view.

A few second later, I saw that the blog views went up a little bit from the same country of India. So whoever or whatever is viewing my stuff, y’all have better not be Matt Meister and palz! That’s giving us amateur bloggers false readings and false hopes that a daily diary is worth reading!.

Anyway, I’m simply testing out your products and observing if the services are stabilized enough to safeguard by stuff and privacy. If not, then I’m leaving y’all forever! It’s too bad that I will never know exactly who or what seems to be reading my PERSONAL blog. I only know of ONE other blogger. I have no idea about the other readers or if they are still alive or if I should care if they exist.

Yeah so who care? I should do more research on stuff but I don’t have the time or care. I should read more legislation and provide feedback but my thoughts are ‘reversed’ to whatever is already planned for humanity. So I guess I’m chasing the wind of mostly hot air and wasting my time basically.

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