It Continues, Next Phase Of Transition, Energy Independence, Boom – Episode 1782a, X22Report, Published on Feb 3, 2019

I’ve never heard of a US Petro Dollars. If USA via Alaska has lots of petroleum oil and has surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia, then why is the consumer gasoline prices still above one US dollar?

And if y’all are an alleged “powerhouse”, why are y’all still using crude petroleum oil stuff? Where is that free energy? Isn’t freedom supposed to mean no need to use monetary forms of exchanges – cash, equivalents, metals, etc?

And what is this “Magic Wand” that former POTUS BHO referenced in his speech on rDT, who claimed to having this item? I am NOT aware of what is going on or if this transition is gonna happen. I certainly do NOT have a crystal ball to predict stuff.

The problem with this Gold Standard is that there exist the advanced technology to materialize stuff outta thin air!!! Why won’t y’all listen unto moi! This alleged transition is the same damn thing with the Central Bank, which dictates stuff and prints pieces of Paper Tiger outta thin air!

I am NOT aware if these alleged REAL gold (bars or nuggets) and its properties (alloys or pure) can be materialized, which is short of a similar word and its spelling of manipulation! I can see y’all are still manipulating current and future unknown events.

Once again, whoever is holding these alleged REAL gold cannot really do anything unless the buyer accepts this form of market exchange for basic stuff, such as food, clothing, and shelter.

20190203-1358. Y’all know what? Y’all are still holding humanity hostage with this crap. Cash or gold – It’s still the same in the hands of the wielder – pen, sword or wand. If y’all truly want freedom, no one needs to exchange tits (boobs) for tats (tattoos).

Until I see no more cross/breeding, trafficking, and selling of animalz and humanz globally, until I see no more pollution of mineralz and plantz globally, until I see no more hunger globally, your alleged financial and economic transitions and other energy independence are still falsehood.

Be gone!

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  1. Trump’s “magic wand” = Vincent Fusca = JFK JR, as he pointed to in the video when he turns around.

    There are two Vincent Fuscas, according to some of the videos we’ve been watching. The real one with the Trump van, and the other one in disguise which is supposed to be JFK JR. The real one is around 5 foot 9 inches, and the disgused one is around 6 foot 1 inch. The disguised one looks like JFK SR, as I posted you a video a few weeks ago.

    This blog by JENNIFER MAC has alot of this stuff on it.

    ALOT of the decoded tweets come out to numbers meaning JFK JR.

    JFK JR in the “Q” formation. In the black suit…

    So, did JFK JR. stage his death in order for a plan to unfold perfectly and unite the WORLD from the corruption and enslavement we find ourselves in today?

    Honestly, I have no idea, so I guess it’s a wait and see on that. But I like the idea that he could be.

    This Q drop says the start of the plan, as they call it.

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