Oh, please STF up and stop this narrative once and for all! I’ve had enough! Y’all knew this was coming. Yet y’all just sit down and enjoy the Super Bowl.

If I were y’all, round them up at gun point and stuff them into FEMA, Gitmo, or wherever else that will make them go away! Isn’t that harsh? Yes! But y’all had it coming. Y’all knew this has been in your eugenics plan for many slong years!

Y’all have electrical fences, flamethrowers, grenades, lasers, sensors, and a whole host of other nefarious weaponry, OMG, like a bomb. Yes. But no. Y’all wanna play hard balls and created a whole spectacle outta nothing and expect the humanized taxpayers – either USA or Mexicao – to pay for all this stuff.

Nope! No way!

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