Follow The Watch, The World Is Watching, We Know Everything – Episode 1782b, X22Report, Published on Feb 3, 2019

Oh, great! Why didn’t I think about the mirroring between the upcoming February fifteen Americanized gulag and the F-15 fighters photos acquiring targets over the Middle Eastern areas?

Why didn’t think about Q Anonymous going dark and General Michael Flynn going light – dark into light? Meaning that we probably might get full disclosure on DUMB stuff and other faked UFO news.

The phrase “Follow the watch” could probably mean that ET phone homes and pals have a great tendency to communicate unto moi via dates, times, and other numerical values on a daily.

I am thinking about how our wireless thermo atomic clock by Sharp SPC374T would receive date and time data from somewhere. And so while the world is watching your grand scheme of staging schemes globally, we are gonna watch the Super Bowl LIII.

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  1. Your numerical value number is your post title with 144 in it, which I am still constantly seeing.


    It’s February, and I already have several screen shots of it, for this month!


    • Yes, I normally do NOT pay attention to the numerical values appearing on my blogs, because I’m way too busy ranting and multitasking, and I’ve gotten used to the almost daily occurrences. And yes perhaps there is some truth, but I am NOT allowed to be fully aware, and this is probably due to some sort of protocol for full disclosure. Whatever is or is NOT gonna happen, I’d like to know anon.

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