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Recently the YouTube channel Gigguk had a video called Best Of Anime 2018: In this video Gigguk went over some of the best anime that he saw last year in 2018, and his opinions on the state of anime then and now. The end, -John Jr

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20190203-0017. Wow! The anime videos came through my LG 4K monitor VERY clean and sharp! Yes, there is a some childish nostalgia with adult themes and growing up watching morning cartoons would have been better with these awesome anime videos. I’m sure there would be a good market for anime videos and I think I’d rather watch this stuff than Westernized live actors. The guy’s YouTube analysis of his favorite anime shows was hilarious but he went to fast and I couldn’t list the shows fast enough.

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    I agree, I wish that I would have grown up with more anime, I only got to see a little bit growing up thanks to the Syfy Channel sometimes showing some on Saturday (I only ever got to see a couple, and this probably did not start until maybe junior high school); and later and now mostly through Cartoon Network’s Toonami (formerly Adult Swim) television block on Saturdays.

    I grew up on American cartoons, but now I definitely prefer Japanese anime usually and even some British et cetera cartoons better than American cartoons.

    Gigguk did go too fast in this video.

    Glass Reflection took more time with his list:

    -John Jr


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