Day: 20190204-224444


Trump’s SOTU Theme: ‘Choosing Greatness’, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 4 days ago Wow! Steven Colbert has a good acting present and impersonation voice of rDT. This is the first time in a long while since I saw this… Read More ›


Dear diary, I’d like to know the exact time that the SOTU (or State of the Union) Address by rDT. I’ve browsed online and I could NOT find timestamp for tomorrow 02/05/2019. The site mentioned a 09:00 PM EST… Read More ›

I’m Running For The Senate In 2020

I’m Running For The Senate In 2020 I’m Running For The Senate In 2020 — Read on 20190204-2154. Off topic thoughts only. Those are VERY good points. However, the unwanted humanz might NOT like your plan and they would argue… Read More ›