Dear diary,

I’d like to know the exact time that the SOTU (or State of the Union) Address by rDT. I’ve browsed online and I could NOT find timestamp for tomorrow 02/05/2019. The Wikipedia.org site mentioned a 09:00 PM EST for 01/30/2019.

I do NOT want a job interview in person tomorrow if rDT is gonna speech. I need to be sitting down on my rear end and chatting via a Live Stream on YouTube and in the comfort of my home, which is my daddy’s paid-off house.

I am hoping that all of the problems of this hellish planet could be shot down in one fell swoop during tomorrow’s speech by the “scary one”, which an alto told to me upon seeing my Trump Cat shirt of red – the same one that Madam Mews once had but one size incorrect. She had fangs sticking outta her smile!

Here are my impressions for tomorrow’s speech:

  • There won’t be a national emergency declared or a government shut down, because y’all can afford to keep the troops in Iraq to watch Iran and other countries and nations abroad.
  • Let China pay for the walls, bless the walls with an auspicious lunar calendar cycle, brand the walls under their names, and maintain the walls as tourist spots, because the Chinese were so generous with the farmers recently. (Hey! I’m an Asian I would want to see something glorious returned back to them.)
  • Allow the humanz to freely cross the border, but with a national ID and other biometrics for tracking and monitoring. (My globalist idea was for these new humanz to share their knowledge, work here and there, and then go back home to improve their hoods and homelands. But no! They wanna overstay their travel and visitor VISAs, like Savage 21 the illegal immigrant blackish rapper from the U.K.)

Yeah, that’s it for now based on the various YouTube videos and articles online. Once again, globalism can work, just like Heaven on Earth. Though I have wondering that if the Heavens had their problems with wars and messed up the Earth with their problems, then those angles must fix their problems, because humanz had enough!


Flynn B chewing on mixed nuts with cranberries after eating a late dinner. We were dismissed early from our volunteer gig. Herr Maestro said that we should raise our pitch by 3/10, because we are sounding like the piano.

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  1. My Trumpy Cat shirt is too big, but it fits Robert, although he probably won’t wear it. I will wear around the house with loose sloppy pants too. I’m gonna get a Q shirt at some point anyway, with the Q in Tiffany Blue, and matching colored jeans.

    I found an old photo of me with my father’s fedora hat on and my pajama top is colored TIFFANY BLUE! Around age 4. No such thing as coincidences!

    Regarding national ID and other biometrics for tracking and monitoring, no way! NO Mark of the Beast for us! Ever! The Word or God says NO, so I am sticking with that. They can shove their beast chips.

    I say build the wall and keep EVERYONE out. We have many of our veterans and poor families homeless in the streets, shelters and rescue missions. Fix America first and let the other countries get their own trumpy cats and make theirs great again, if ever possible anymore. It’s up to their governments to fix their problems.

    Our earth problems got worse, post-Flood when the atmosphere was decreased and the LARGE oxygen producing trees disappeared. Then nuclear power plants, pollution

    That’s what hyperbaric oxygen chambers therapy is for, to mimic the pre-Flood atmosphere. It’s why I look and feel better after a chamber session.


    • 1. I had a feeling someone would be triggered by my shirt, which is supposed have been humorous! 2. Oh, that’s you! Cute! 3. Sorry, but biometrics is already here. 4. I am NOT convinced that the wall and/or security is sufficient. 5. I know what you mean as I have been feeling woozy lately, and I would open the window to the cold air to feel refreshed.

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