Told You So: DNA Site Shared Info with the FBI, styxhexenhammer666, 4 days ago

This blogging platform is also comprised, because a Happiness Engineer stupidly replied to my email and used my real first name.

That was my intention when I signed up here and elsewhere-to “see” who would sell my stuff and blackmail unto moi, and prevent me from working full time in this damn Bay Area full of sellouts.

I know stuff and of course I will “see” who is naughty and nice. I bet that investigator (I know the company name in San Jose, California) knows my stuff, which was probably sold to Respondent and pals.

So it doesn’t matter if I shared my DNA, personal information, blog rants, real name, etc. Because I know y’all will get karmic indebtedness from our clones, if any.

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