Okay now I am an armchair warrior who is watching the SOTU. I’ll type my blog as the address is going on below:

1803 enters and shakes hands. taking too long 1804 still shaking hands 1805 still shaking hands 1806 still clapping after delivering pieces of paper 1807 cameras is panning chamber interior 1807 still clapping

180733 thank you very much speak vp members of congress FLOTUS stands up
1808 an fellow Americans potential new congress stand word with you achieve for all Americans govern not as two parties but as one nation

1809 agenda is America people fair trade infrastructure health care rx immigration foreign policy.

1810 courage to seize it victory is not working for our party for our country (looks like roman numeral five star. American pride June general great crusade Europe WWII June 6 1944 D-Day 15,000 young men jumped skies seas to save our civilization from tyranny three incredible heroes p1st class staff and two sergeants 1812 standing up elderly guys Wow!

1812 American flag on moon (hoax) Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin salutes
1813 back to space with American rockets (OMG Trump sold out!)
1814 nothing can compete with Americans Step boldly and bravely adventure 21st century quality of life
1815 standing up applauding must reject politics of revenge retribution cooperation compromise and common good (Trump keeps flashing okay sign)

1816 WTF are the females wearing white? That’s Asian for death. So stupid. Unlock Americas pride for future. Choose between greatness or gridlock pointless destruction. Choose greatness. (I say choose humbleness)

1817 over two years we have launched economic boom rarely seen before 5.3 million new jobs 600,000 new manuf jobs we are just getting started.

1818 5 million Americans off food stamps. up close of asian female face. WTF? Considered hotess economy in the world. 1818 up close of bernie sanders

1819 african hispanic asian lowest levels of unemployment ever recorded. (UMM, I’m still depending on my dadddy). disabilities all time low.

1820 tax credit ended estate or death tax on small businesses ranchers and family farms

1821 eliminate Obama care individual mandate give gravely ill patients right to try. my administration cut more regulations than other administration in entire tenure.

1822 companies coming back. unleashed energy number one oil and gas anywhere in the world. (Really? Consumer gasoline prices still close to five dollars per gallon!)

1822 net exporter of energy ten years
1823 retirement envy military powerful america is again winning each and every day. Yay. Members of Congress the state of our union is strong.
1824 chanting usa country vibrant, economy thriving 304,000 jobs last month, double than expected.
1825 economic magic wars politics partisan investigations (Oh, just chuckle.) Gonna be peace legislature, no war or investigation. must be united at home to defeat advisories at home.
1826 years and years stuck in the senate. senate failed to act on nominations unfair to nominees and country bi-partisan action. proven it’s possible in congress to pass legislature opioid farmer va reform. finally terminate mistreat our veterans.
1827. both parties united criminal justice reform. (Where?)
1828. last year story of alice whoever. 1997 alice was sentenced to life in prison first time non-violent druggy became inspiration to others disparities and unfairness lead to remedies to total injustice served almost 22 years for the remainder of her life in june he commuted her. creepy krusher sitting to left of alice. terrifice woman stands up 1829. clapping crying.

1830 power to shape our own destiny. (y’all had a choice to do good. duh.) big deal first step. (Like babies) gives non-violent offenders give law-abiding humanz.
1831 believe in redemption. Matthew was punished for selling drugs more than 30 bible studies and mentored fellow inmates. under the first step act.
1832 still clapping and sitting. thank you Matthew welcome home. (Huh?) Now reps and dems must confront national crisis, ten days to fund bill now is the time for congress that America is committed to ending illegal immigration coyote cartels outta business
1833 large caravans Mexican cities in order to remove from communities, bring them up into usa into areas where there is little border protections, ordered military troops. (Yay!) 1834 this is a moral issue. safety, financial duty for Americans. protects lives of citizens. obligations to legal immigrants who followed the laws. strengthened our society in countless ways.

1835 want people to come into our country in the largest numbers but they have to come in legally (did he flash that okay sign again?) asking you to depend southern border to our fellow citizens and country

1836 working and politicl class divided by illegal class. while living behind walls gates and guards. (Yup!) meanwhile working class priced to wall lower wages crowded schools crime, depleted social safety nets tolerant of illegal is actually very cruel
1837 1 in 3 sexually assaulted. humanz pawns children exploit laws and gain entry to country. traffickers to sell into prostitution and modern day slavery 10s of 1000s killed by drugs meth heroin, cocain fentanyl

1838 cartel operate come through borders fatal shooting at platform. removed by thousands, coming back without wall.
1839 angel moms dads families no one should have to suffer horrible heartache. Debra three weeks ago parents were burned alive and shot to death by illegal ALIEM. they were in their 80 years.
1840 please stand few can understand your pain. (oh, well) i will never forget for Gerald and Sharon – not one more American life should be lost. Brave officers made thousands of arrests. one-hundred thousands assaults. four thousands killings and murders.
1841 ice special agent (stood up) elvin a boy parent legally immigrated from Dominican Republican told his daddy he wanna be special agent (I guess they start out young, knowing what they want).
1842 thanks to his work and incredible colleagues girls rescued. 1,500 traffickers put behind bars
1843 ghost ladies in white were standing. common sense to end the crisis in the border close loopholes
1844 in the past most vote for wall (cruz in beard nice) smart strategic see-thru steel barrier (good for animals) agents have greatness need. illegal crossings go way way down.
1845 clapping San Diego, California used to have most illegal crossing. Hoe lady smirking. extremely highest considered most dangerous cities. El Peso one of the safest cities in the nation. Walls work and walls save lives. Clapping let work together and make a deal. we must also ensure our economy rapid pace women who filled 58 percent of newly created jobs last year.
1847 clapping and ghost ladies standing up. Thank you very much you weren’t supposed to do that. more women in the work force than ever before.
1848 don’t sit yet y’all gonna like this constitutional amendment vote more women in congress serving than anytime before. 1849 standing and clapping chanting usa (scary) okay very good that’s good. this Thursday govn wide economic empowerment in countries. build economic success.
1850 clamatous trade policies. clear to china, bargaining and stealing intellectual properties has come to an end. (Yea they were generous to the farmers) 250,000 imposed tariffs.
1851 working with new trade deal unfair deficit protect American jobs. NAFTA catastrophe. dreams shattered by signing of NAFTA.
1852 pass laws to bring back manf jobs, agriculture, intellectual, more cars stamped made in the usa.
1853 standing clapping asking to pass reciprocal trade act if others place unfair tariff charge same they sell to us. both parties should be able to unite of great rebuilding of crumbling infrastructure.
1854 eager to work with y’all including in cutting edge industries of the future, not an option but a necessity. lower the cot of health care, rx, and protect patients with pre-existing conditions.
1855 2018 single largest decline is rx prices. we must do more unacceptable. we will stop it. (American Red Cross was calling my phone).
1856 problem of global free-loading, transparency for patients? we should also disclose rx prices and bring prices way down. to advance human condition – freedom. clapping in recent years
1857 we have made remarkable progress against hiv and aids. scientific breakthru within reach budget ask demo and rep eliminate epidemic in ten years. incredible strides.
1858 together we will defeat aids in America and beyond. tonight I’m gonna ask y’all to fight get behind childhood cancer. (How? The DNA is messed up.) Joining Melania (grace standing up prematurely) every birthday since four years saint Jude’s children’s hospital. last year diagnose with brain cancer. radiation raised more than $40,000 fight against cancer (probably Chernobyl Fukushima disasters)
1900 doctors and nurses cheered and she hung up poster – last day of chemo. (Prolly wearing wig cute). thank you very much great inspiration.
1901 many children not seen therapy to fund critical life saving research to help working parents, pass school choice. (Lots of children) I’m also proud to be first president nationwide paid family leave every parent can bond with their child. (Nice, leave the women at home would help).
1902 mother holding infant child beautiful image. new york cheered legislature, these are living beautiful babies, never share love and dreams of the world. governor of Virginia would execute. asking congress prohibit late-term abortion who can feel pain in the mother’s womb (interesting as HRC said they are clumps of cells)
1903 let us build a culture that cherish innocent lives. (eat them)
1904 let us reaffirm born and unborn are made in the holy image of god this is a test. rebuild several hundred billion dollars military. other nations to pay their fair share, finally. (but if they are poor small underdeveloped, how?)
1905 (USA treated unfairly by friends of ours. but now we have secured over last couple of years over 100 billion increase in spending in NATO allies. (rip that wad of cash back) missile defense system – never apologize to advancing American interest. Treaty into Russia. reduce to reduce ours Russia violated going on many years
1906 officially from IMF treaty (oops. y’all need to rip back that cash) we have no real other choice. adding china and others, perhaps we can – out spend and out innovative others by far.

1907 new peace bold diplomacy hostages have come home nuclear testing has stopped 15 months of no missile launch. imo we would have been in a major war with North Korea, much work to be done. feb 27 and 289 meet chairman again in Vietanm,
1908 legitimate juan guido of venezuela (my daddy thought it was maduro regime and his socialst agend) abject poverty and despair (refer to no apology)

1909 adopt social economy not coercion born free and stay free bernie sander
1910 america will never be a socialist country (what happened to ONE nation under one world government?) set of challenges is in the middle east based on principle realism
1911 my administration recognized true capital Israel and Jerusalem (y’all crucified JC) brave troops fighting in middle east for 19 years Afghanistan and Iraq 17,000 Americans gave up life. seven trillion dollar.
1912 weak nations do NOT fight endless wars. (sounds like MacArthur) today we have liberated almost all the territory blood thirsty monsters, remnants of ISIS, warm welcome home, accelerated to
1913 opposition side happy to be negotiating, bravery pursue possible political solution – long and bloody conflict.

1914 in Afghanistan constructive talks with Taliban. able to reduce troops presence and focus on counter-terrorism. don’t know if achieve agreement. two decades of war, at least try for peace.
1915. above all no doubt power and will. 18 years ago, terrorists uss cole attacked, us forces killed one of the leaders of that force. clapping. we are honored to be joined by tom whose son was one of th 17 sailors whom we tragically lost.
1916. clapping my admin has acted decisively leading state sponsored radical regimes Iran, withdraw from disastrous deal.
1917 put in place toughest sanctions imposed by usa – chant death to america against jewish peeps. we must never ignore vile poison of anti-semitism.
1918 eleven jewish were murdered in Pittsburgh. was shot seven times chasing down the killer. he made the trip officer. clapping standing.
1919 thank you we are forever grateful. joined also by Pittsburgh survivor
1920 81 year old clapping standing grumblings happy birthday to you! 192049.
1921 he remembers the same exact moment in concentration camp. (whatever, y’all don’t seem to make a big deal with the Bataan Death March. It’s the Americans!)
1922 standing and clapping and waving. lots of other racial groups went thru – untold stories.
1923 Dacau liberated. Heroes. one of Americans rescued Joshua hell on earth 75 years later together with Herman in gallery.your presence this evening is very much appreciated.
1925 D-Days 1944 young men 18-19 (who messed up this strategic location in Normandy) Nation and generation unborn – did it for Americans for us, everything our triumphs over communists, science, inequality and injustice.
1926 think of this capital, very chamber voted to end slavery, build railroads and highways (Chinese). face down evil empires. legislature – rocky shores of Maine, volcanic peaks of Hawaii snowy wood of Wisconsin, red dessert together we represent extraordinary nation in all of history
1927 what will we do what will we be – look at the opportunities before us. our stuff
1928 differences dare to transcend squander our great heritage or proudly declare that we are Americans, defy impossible conquer the unknown. reignite American imagination. search stars. (Masonic message here again. sheesh)
1929 go forward together keep freedom alive in our souls keep faith in America’s destiny one nation under god hope and promise light and glory of all the nation of the world
1930 thank you god bless you and god bless America.

Wow! I missed the imagery of the nations resources!

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