Day: 20190208-212827


Dear diary, In an effort to learn how God operates and why humanz are still corrupt, I have been participating in these Live Streaming YouTube videos, especially on hearing committees. I’ve been relying on what I see but due to… Read More ›


Despite growing calls to resign Northam, Fairfax have not stepped down, Fox News. 15 hours ago (20190209-1218) If such revelations are valid and true, and as a member of the Commonwealth of the State of Virginia, consider both of y’all… Read More ›


SOMETHING HUGE Is Coming.. (See This Before it is Deleted 2019-2020), Anonymous Official, 5 days ago (20190209-1219) Well, there was snow atop the Mount Hamilton eastern hills of the Bat Area. So this would NOT be global warming or a… Read More ›


Dear diary, I shouldn’t be addicted to blogging about emptiness, chatting on Live Streaming, or wondering if anything else unexpected will happen. So when I used TOR only once long ago on or about the time a dream blogger mentioned… Read More ›

20190208-1956-Blog Yes, the elderly folks had their good friends to help them in times of need. My only friend seems to be my blog. Without the internet and computers, I’m still am the same. I have my daddy but he… Read More ›