SOMETHING HUGE Is Coming.. (See This Before it is Deleted 2019-2020), Anonymous Official, 5 days ago (20190209-1219)

Well, there was snow atop the Mount Hamilton eastern hills of the Bat Area. So this would NOT be global warming or a climate change, but a time when this hellish planet freezes over.

My daddy has been kind to scrub down the bird bath made outta cement. The local birds seems to remember and know that their water would be available.

I believe the rain water, water runoff, and standing water are all polluted because these blessed birdies and creatures created by God would use the birdbath when the rain would stop!

So yeah my daddy is a good soul and his birdies and their babies would visit his bird bath.

20190209-1220. Yeah, so here is the YouTube video which mentioned how to escape the global freezing from the north by crossing the Mexican border to live warmer climates in the south.

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