Dear diary,

In an effort to learn how God operates and why humanz are still corrupt, I have been participating in these Live Streaming YouTube videos, especially on hearing committees. I’ve been relying on what I see but due to my lazy brain and hard of hearing since childhood, I’ve neglected to connect what I see with what I hear.

And so by hearing these experts, I can learn to observe with my new spider sense – feelings. I mentioned that I could sense when a DemonCrap would attack the soft-spoken Mister Whitaker. I have contributed my opinions without too much problem because I try to straight sentences.

The blog host mentioned that YouTube has been sending him over two thousand flags alerting him to look at these comments. So I said it was good that he can get rid of the trolls. He told the participants to avoid saying bad words and repeating the same script or else face banning.

Anyway, I ranted to my daddy that if the smart ones and wealthy ones get tired of the constant complaints by ungrateful humanz, then the USA might well be turned into a socialist state.

I mentioned in my live chatting session that with the overpopulation that USA is headed in that socialist direction and that if we do NOT behave we might as well have cameras at every street intersection and standing structures and that we should have biometrics to track every humanz.

I’m NOT a troll but a concerned citizen who feels that humanz didn’t receive a good enough deal in the image of a God among many Gods. And so in order to ease the pain and suffering of humanz, there are ways to deal with them.

But that is enough of this stuff. I do NOT qualify for any help. I know the help is available but I am NOT allowed to seek out that stuff. I believe I refuse to be helped, because I myself cannot help others without the concept of reciprocation.


Flynn B sustained as an active participant of variances.

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  1. No biometrics Mark of the best for us. I will continue to say NO!

    Regarding the image of God, I wonder why some folks are so good looking and beautiful and put in strong study bodies. And while others have to deal with inferior fugly meatsacks which I like to call biological betrayal units. Most of the pretty ones (not all) are the evil ones in power and/or celebs. Some of the fugly ones (not all) are basically good and innocent people. So why do evil ones and other celebs get the better looks and bodies and good and innocent folks gets the worst genetics, bodies, etc..?

    Apparently, we are not created equal after all. Being stuck in an inferior body does NOT humble people, but rather, it pisses them off and they are thrown into life long depression. Honestly, I don’t really believe in all this karma stuff, because what exactly did the good folks supposedly do? The evil ones are the ones causing all the trouble anyway. The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, so what happened? This is something that has bugged me my entire life. I just don’t get it. 😦


    • Yeah, so here are my thoughts in reply to your comment: 20190209-1012-blog. I’m trying to make sense of everything and answer your questions too. I’m thinking on multiple thoughts (science fiction style): that this hellish planet is reversed as we passed through an incorrect worm hole or star gate; that this hellish planet is one of multiple realities; that we cannot really control our reality and only dream for improvements; that we agreed to jobs we didn’t really sign up for whatever reason but forgot; that we can only make use of what we have and nothing more; and that these variances exist – for better or for worse. Or according to a Pagan, God is evil. I might be Pagan – free to worship whoever and free to believe whatever. That’s about all.


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