Are Jeff Bezos’ privacy invasion claims against National Enquirer hypocritical?, Fox News, 16 hours ago (20190209-1217)

His eyeballs are uneven and wonky. So that he probably sold out his soul at the expense of other normal hard working humanz.

There is no need to fear if he or anyone has photos that are truth. There is no privacy if public characters and their stuff are conducted in public.

Without National Enquirer we will never know stuff and probably won’t care and move onward to other gossip.

However, when private citizens don’t have the wealth to defend ourselves like the wonky eyeballs and are exposed to public scrutiny, that’s a whole different ballgame.

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  1. 20190209-0937. Well, I forgot to add when the news first broke – that my spider senses indicated that first white guy (who claimed that he isn’t the one in the photo) was a preliminary trigger to get rid of a known black guy, who isn’t fit to serve. And so I don’t know if the first woman accusing the black guy came immediately after the first news or if the round two woman was yet another news trigger to signal unto moi to use my eyeballs that the black guy needs to go away, too.


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