Dear diary,

While getting ready for the day on or about 0927 am, and after washing up in the bathroom, I had an incoming thought regarding infanticide. I had an incoming thought about contracts and the strong word intent.

So when a human male and female get to together and whether or not they intend to make an unwanted human, they already formed a contract by getting together in the first place.

So that contract is supposed to be binding. And when and if an unwanted human is created, that prompts automatically a second contract whereby that creature is afforded the right to “life”.

So by aborting the unwanted human, that right to “life” has been violated and should be spiritually enforceable.

Alas, all humanz are at the mercy of the spiritual Court and hopefully such infanticides can be forgivable.

Likewise, humanz make promises all the time. And most of those promises can be forgotten and unenforceable.

With that said, I guess it’s up to each soul to forgive any wrong-doing and be merciful of any ill-will.


Flynn B heard a male voice that sounded like my daddy upon my eyeballs stirring to awaken a few minutes ago. I said, thank you God. For I had imagined, God wanted me to get up, despite having insomnia and falling asleep on or around six o’clock in the morning and having maybe only three hours sleep. So I was still watching the anime Dragon Ball and how the Whis character does NOT need sleep. Whis also gets bored.

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