Well, based on yesterday’s YouTube video, which I probably shared in my blog somewhere, but I cannot recall and forgot, that damn wall serves a dual purpose.

I was with-holding my opinions based on VERY old thoughts many years ago and yesterday’s YouTube video triggered something that I should share.

Anyway, it has something to do with the freedom to travel freely. There were examples up in Canada where a crystal warrior would travel between USA and Canada to do business. And he and his wifey would need to provide some sort of identification.

The other example has something do to with the wildlife and its ability to migrate between borders. So I guess the see-thru wall might work.

So the point with the video (wherever it is) is that there might be a new Arctic freeze coming down from the northern sections. This global cooling will be so bad that everyone gotta cross the Mexican border towards warmer climate!

So y’all might wanna search for that video on chemtrails and climate change and what are the impacts of building a wall that might impede a mass exodus in either direction. At least be prepared to scale that wall in case the SHTF.

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