DAVID WILCOCK: Military has Terminators for Alien Invasion? [Part 2/5], Edge of Wonder, Premiered 23 hours ago

I’ve been following this David Wilcock character off and on for the past few years since my encounter with crystalized warriors and other New Aged material. So I’m assuming he is either telling the truth and we’re doomed to be enslaved by demonically infused AI (artificial intelligence) or we’re gonna continue to be fascinated with science fiction and buy stuff.

With the LGBTQAEIOU group commie outta the woodworks and desensitizing and dumbing-down humanz into confused blubbering cry babies, and despite alleged warnings from time travelers NOT to use artificial intelligence, I guess we need to pray and hope that the nice God will stop the nonsense.

I’m also thinking that y’all really need to fully disclose these advanced technology. I know because “they” and their govern-mental pals were so kind to share their existence. Yes, these might be labeled as demons or ET phone home. But whoever or whatever alerts unto moi via the YouTube videos showing up on my Recommended list, then take that as a grain of some truth.

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