YouTube Censored My Video About The Obama Lie And The Satanic Brazilian Baby Farm, Charles Marlowe- Cremedas, Published on Feb 4, 2019

Once again, here is another YouTube video that has appeared on my Recommended list. And in this video the blogger is ranting about his video being taken down by YouTube and that he is appealing the decision.

This video is about Obama and other stuff about cannibals, which can appear as shape-shifting humanz or as giants found in the Middle East.

I believe there was a story many years ago about GWB visiting Brazil. So I would wonder where these high-powered politicians and other celebrities tend to travel.

It’s like following a trail of money or flight plans, such as rDT blocking the travel plans of Nancy and 92 other humanz at taxpayers expense.

I am growing VERY weary of these constant stories and distractions. I know that “prayers” do work. And that some humanz are infected with demons or are demons in disguise.


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