California WILDFIRE: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching TRUTH, Exclusive Interview [Part 1/3], Edge of Wonder, Premiered Dec 7, 2018

The guest David Wilcock is VERY articulate, hilarious, and enlightening. I guess when YouTube videos appear on my Recommended list, this is probably by design for potential full disclosure via moi.

ET phone home and pals have contacted unto moi maybe since the beginning. Or maybe I was so interested in meeting them that I telepathically “summoned” them. And through my mind’s eyeballs, I have gotten confirmation of the third kind. But that was on a personal and spiritual level without communicating to anyone in normal human behavior.

There were many other encounters but they have appeared as normal humanz. I would acknowledge them through my mind and tell them that I could only transmit my thoughts and NOT receive their thoughts.

I did NOT have prior knowledge whatsoever on what particular characteristics or traits to look for or where they would be living or located. I am only learning through online searches and that was how I have gotten interested in New Aged stuff.

Yeah the scorching of the Paradise, California was NOT necessary. They and other could easily come out and fully disclose their existence. I am assuming two characters in my singing gig appear human because one I could see her pupils are NOT normally ’round’ like humanz. The other fat guy can also pick up my thoughts and immediately state something or do some action. I can gauge that stuff.

One time he shared a story about something to the group and because my hearing is already bad and because my hearing aides still produce garbled crappy ass sounds, I might have heard that his wife screamed at him: You are NOT one of their bloodline. And he shook in his seat as if recounting what happened that time with his wife. Hilarious.

Yeah, so the two cat lovers know what I’m talking about. And thank goodness I am NOT cursed with receiving crappy thoughts, thought subtly, which I’ve been tagging as “incoming thoughts”. Yup! I though maybe it’s time to fully disclose more collaborative stuff. Because when the SHTF, everyone will rejoice! I hope. Yup.

20190209-2322-addendum thoughts. Yeah, when the guest mentioned casinos, I thought of rDT, who probably knew about this stuff because rDT did mention this stuff about bad guys and really bad dudes, who are probably both the Cabal and the Mafias, during his 2016 POTUS campaign.

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