Day: 20190210-231709


ALIEN HUMAN HYBRID RACE DISCOVERED LIVING UNDER THE ANTARCTIC ICE! ~ DISCLOSURE COMING SOON!, The WTF Files™, Published on Feb 1, 2019 I think y’all better fully disclose stuff. Because they no longer need to be held hostage. Y’all might… Read More ›


David Wilcock: What is Ascension? (LIVE 2/9, 4PM PST!), David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL), Streamed live on Feb 9, 2019 I sat through this one-hour YouTube video and took some chicken notes below: 0708, speedometer 8,000 pulled into parking… Read More ›


Dear diary, Today went well. Our local pastor was begging, err, encouraging, taxpayers, err, parishioners to donate more money via the ADA (Annual Diocesan Appeal). Anyway, my eyeballs were blurry from eyeball boogers and I couldn’t see clearly through my… Read More ›


Confirmation, Countdown Begins, T-Minus, Optics Are Important – Episode 1787b, X22Report, Published on Feb 10, 2019 Holy crap! I really do NOT follow this Q, or Q Anon, or Q Anonymous because there is too much crap. I do NOT… Read More ›