Who’s Behind Free Energy Disclosure? David Wilcock Exclusive Interview On EOW [Part 3/3],Edge of Wonder, Premiered Dec 14, 2018

So the guest is sharing the struggles of arts, where writing only books won’t be enough to support a family. So I can sense that my singing gig is the same where only ticket sales are a small part, whereas the donation is a HUGE part. Sigh.

And my daddy told me that he noticed that lots of books are being promoted online. I would have thrived doing arts. But at my level, I could only volunteer and PAY into the organization to participate. There are lots of talent.

So I’m at the 12:07 mark outta the 48:07 where one of the host is sharing how those would take a larger bit and do anything to make a good deal and be successful in their trade and life.

I should have a fast processing brain like the guest and a blogger. “Illumi-pop” or fake music, where everything sounds the same. Wow! The guest is talking about music now and how there are too many weird symbolism.

I’m at the 18:04 mark of the video about predicting things that do NOT happen, like HRC losing and rDT winning as POTUS.

And the guest seems to be the only one receiving briefings. Okay, that’s nice. SCIF rooms with the Plan and such.

To the cabal, killing those who fully disclose stuff is NOT a necessary evil, because there is still hope. Y’all should know better than hating humanity.

I’m at the 23:54 mark of the 48:41 video. I still would like to believe that there is a divine creator and that there are many chances to pursue a correct and corrective path.

27:02 Politics, alien and occult inside a Venn diagram. I remember studying the Venn diagram during my elementary grade schooling. Hehe.

Yeah, I’d like for the arts and music to be more mainstream without the weird symbolic stuff. I’ve gotten tired of being a cubicle slave. I don’t like wearing black and white and prefer colorful clothing.

31:18 They want the Millennials wanna fight with the Baby Boomers. But these ungrateful children should be available to help their parents – driving, cooking, cleaning. A Great Depression 2.0 unprecedented like the first one.

33:27 rebuilding everything (which is was I think the Green New Deal suggests) especially with the health stuff. There is much hope.

34:43 predictions for 2019. Alliance hasn’t succeeded yet. The guest is saying that there is almost nothing as far as briefing. Q stuff and prognosticating and data dump. Major mind blowing releases. Y’all might authorize full disclose. What the heck.

37:258 Free energy technology via Elon Musk and Tesla Corporation.

Q, sealed indictments, etc. Hehe! OMG! 3 branches of government.

40:24 human race growing spiritually. My incoming thoughts indicated that we had enough and are waking up as a collective via per soul basis. My understanding is that we are already spirits stuck inside these meat sacks. So I’m learning that others are allowed to interfere with our thoughts, insights, and synchronicity.

So depending on each soul, ET phone home can interfere and increase signals both positive and negative.

43:17 the guest mentioned subtle stuff and seeding. Yup. So I’m understanding that the humanz must be willing and able to accept good energy stuff.

The guest mentioned how the Cabal hate humanz with faith – the good stuff in God, which they don’t want.

46:27 so I came across this Loosh stuff, which is negative energy harvested by entities from humanz experiencing sadness, pain, suffering, death, dying. And if enough humanz counteract this Loosh, then the negative agenda for that day disappears. Hmm. Interesting stuff.


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  1. Yes, they are feeding off of Loosh (Bad energy). So since orgone makes people feel good, and disperses that good energy about, then perhaps we need to get more orgone out and about. Only God can stop them, but we can make it miserable for them with the good stuff. That’s how I’ve always seen it, as more than just busting towers and dissipating chemtrails. There is a local group starting up the orgone parties again, like we used to do back in the day.


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