Crazies in Arizona Want to Declare Porn a “Public Health Crisis”, Styxhexenhammer666, Published on Feb 10, 2019

Yay, the articulate guy is STRAIGHT and he prefers NOT to watch two men make out! Hilarious! He makes a good point about Pikachu and its Stan-inspired lightening bolt tail.

As for pornography being a public health crisis, I would tend to agree, because my Catholic faith emphasizes that this dirty muck isn’t “Holy”. Plus, I kind sorta believe that the energy signature of Jezebel and other demonic entities can probably mess up the humanz.

Perhaps, by banning pornography globally, this can force the humanz to seek out NORMAL interpersonal relationships with other humanz. However, for those with known medical problems to do normal stuff with other humanz or in crowds, one can seek the comfort of a good book, such as the Bible, as an alternate outlet instead of wanking off alone. Hehe!

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